Absinthe Crystal - Traditionally a potent alcoholic drink, Absinthe is an anise based liqueur distilled from many different herbs. Our Absinthe fragrance is zesty, effervescent and uplifting and masterfully blended with notes of lime, apple and anise. Top notes: Lime Zest, Grapefruit Fizz , Green Apple, Effervescent. Mid notes: Anise, Herbal, Mint Leaf, Eucalyptus, Fennel Seed. Base notes: Vanilla, Sugarcane, Sandalwood, Musk.

Ambered Sandalwood - a beautiful, warm fragrance that evokes feelings of spicy, warm nights in exotic far away lands. Light musk, patchouli and vanilla blend with sandalwood, jasmine and concord grape. Top notes of bergamot and grapefruit to create this light, warm fragrance that is not overpowering.

Avocado & Mint - don't let the name fool you. A wonderfully sweet and fresh smelling fragrance with top notes of citrus like mandarin, lemon zest and sparkling berries. The tartness of citrus is mellowed with the gorgeous florals of jasmine, violets, geranium and the herbs; Spanish sage, clove leaf and mint leaf. This is all supported with the sweet uplifting notes of vanilla and light musk.

Bahama Breeze - think fresh breeze whilst walking along white sandy beaches with the sun kissing your skin all while sipping on a fruity cocktail. Top notes of breeze accord, pineapple and grapefruit peel, middle notes of passionfruit, mango and white peach finished off with base notes of fluid musk, pine needle and leafy greens.

Berry Tangerine - a juicy mix of sweet berries and sunny tangerines laced with tangy cranberry and spicy fresh ginger.

Birds of Paradise - a calming tropical blend of sweet strawberries, pomegranate, sweet vanilla and coconut milk with undertones of rose petals and jasmine.

Blackberry Fig - a strong berry fragrance with top notes of plum merlot, juicy blackberry and sparkling citrus, a rounded heart of velvet fig, apricot, apple blossom and osmanthus with base notes of sandalwood, creamy musk and vanilla.

Chocolate - chocolate with nutmeg, patchouli and citrus oils. Top notes: Crystalized sugar, lemon fluff. Mid notes: Vanilla cream, marshmallow. Base notes: Whipped vanilla, rich buttermilk, chocolate, light musk.

Cornucopia - is it Autumn, Spring or Christmas? This delicious fragrance is a blend of apple, pumpkin cinnamon, clove, caramel, banana and nuts.

Cubans & Brandy - a sophisticated and fresh fragrance. Top notes of sparkling wine accord, peach fizz, orange peel, apple slices, Anjou pear and crème de cassis. Middles notes of velvet jasmine, magnolia petals, lily of the valley, orange flower, lavender and caramel finished with base notes of patchouli, creamy sandalwood, cashmere musk, smooth amber and crushed vanilla bean.

Grapefruit & Lime - a delightful burst of Persian Lime, grapefruit and sweet mango. Notes of grapefruit and black currant give a natural appeal while nutmeg, clove and cinnamon add warmth and spirit. Reminiscent of warm, tropical Caribbean nights. 

Lemon Zest- capture the essence of a freshly grated lemon peel in this aroma, with a
green herbal bottom note topped off with lemon zest.

Malibu Nights - a fresh pineapple fragrance reminiscent of yummy cocktails. Top notes of blue water accord, crushed pineapple and meyer lemon, middle notes of shredded coconut, wild strawberry and lush greens finished with base notes of sweet honeydew, cedarwood and sheer musk.

Mango Cilantro - Summer smells and wonderful fruity scents! Top notes: Sweet Orange, Peach Nectar, Citrus, Apple, Pineapple, Pear. Mid notes: Sun-Ripened Mango, Rose, Jasmine, Lily, Green Foliage
Base notes: Cilantro supported with strong vanilla musks.

Monkey Farts - a very fruity fragrance with top notes of grapefruit, almond, lemon zest, banana, sparkling berries, middle notes of pineapple, guava, passionfruit, cinnamon, clove, white florals and coconut all supported with bottom notes of vanilla, sweet raspberry and light musk.

Pink Sugar - top notes of sparkling grape with strawberry and sugar with middle notes of vanilla, raspberry and light musk.

Sex on the Beach - this mix is based on the popular drink. Reminiscent of the tropics this gorgeous scent blends sweet fruit notes of mandarin, peach, apricot and cranberry.

Sparkling Strawberry - a beautiful delicate fragrance that perfectly harmonises each of its notes to produce a sweet, citrusy fragrance. Top notes include tart berries, orange zest, sparkling citrus, apple, peach nectar and ozonics. Middle notes of pink currant, blackberry, strawberry, rose petals, muguet, pear blossoms, jasmine and hyacinth with effervescent musk and iced vanilla supporting the base.

Sugar Plum Fairies - little fairies dancing around the garden fluttering their tiny wings; wafting beautiful top notes of apple peel, peach nectar, fresh picked berries, golden pear, pineapple juice, citrus slices and fruit jam. But fairies aren't all sugar, there is some spice and strength in middle notes of cinnamon bark, crushed clove, caramel, coconut, cider, herbal, rosewater, candied violet and eucalyptus with a perfectly toned base of vanilla cream, tonka, wood and musk.

Summer in the Vineyard - this fragrance is very sophisticated and strong. Bright but earthy with strong jasmine notes. Top notes of merlot grape, wild strawberry and vanilla blossom. Middles notes of grapevine, jasmine petal and cedar leaf with base notes of cinnamon bark, white oak and fluid musk.

Tropical Island Holiday - sandy beaches, coconuts and cocktails. Be transported by this tropical fragrance. Top notes: Pineapple, Tropical, Sea Salt. Mid notes: Sheer Coconut, Lily, Jasmine, Lush Greens. Base notes: Tahitian Vanilla, Sugary, Woody, Tonka Bean, Musks.

Tuscan Vineyard - the delightful aroma of sun drenched grapes perched on a Tuscan hillside blended with bottom notes of light musk and lemon.

Very Berry - a delightful fragrance with fruity top notes of lemon, sparkling berries and grapefruit. Middle notes of woody jasmine and green florals rounded off with tart raspberries, light musk and warm inviting vanilla.

Very Vanilla - the name says it all. A classic and simple vanilla fragrance.


DISCLAIMER: Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. These versions are NOT to be confused with the originals and Inner Glow Home & Body has no affiliation with the manufacturers/designers. This interpretation of the fragrance was created through chemical analysis and reproduction and this description is to give the customer an idea of scent character, not to mislead, confuse the customer or infringe on the manufacturers/designers name and valuable trademark.

Love Potion - smells just like Love Spell by Victoria's Secret: Juicy citrus notes atop a fruity floral heart

Cherub- smells just like Angel by Thierry Mugler: A Refreshing, Oriental, Woody Fragrance with notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli. Accompanied by fruity notes of fresh citrus, melons, peaches, and plums.

Alluring- smells just like Beautiful by Estee Lauder: A tender bouquet of Lilies and Roses, Marigold and Orange Blossoms...all warmed with a rich, woody base and brightened with a touch of citrus.

One - smells just like CK One by Calvin Klein: Top notes: Bergamot, pineapple and papaya
Mid notes: Nutmeg, jasmine, rose and violet
Base notes: Musk and amber

Cold Waters - smells just like Cool Water by Davidoff: A blend of lavender, jasmine, oakmoss, musk and sandalwood.

Little Black Book - smells just like Little Black Dress by Avon: Bottom notes of White Carnation and blood orange are the perfect foil for the heart notes, comprised of sandalwood, black rose, smoky wood, and a kiss of patchouli. The top notes give a hint of toasted vanilla bean and whiffs of vetiver, amber, and the tiniest touch of Egyptian musk for a smoky, sexy finish.

Laura - smells just like Lola by Marc Jacobs: Top notes of pink peppercorn, pear and ruby red open into a delightful mix of fuschia peony, feminine rose and geranium with a finish of warm vanilla and musk

Signorina - smells just like Mademoiselle by Coco Chanel:  A captivating fragrance, for the sophisticated feminine,  with top notes of bergamot, rose, jasmine, vanilla, and ambery oriental notes awakens the senses, a fragrance you fall in love with. Top Notes: floral & lotus. Middle notes: freesia & jasmine. Base notes: Vanilla & wood.

Spiked - smells just like Poison by Dior: With fruity top notes of orange and neroli and mid tones of jasmine, lily, rose geranium and spice and undertones of cedar wood, sandalwood, heliotrope, musk, vanilla

Vang Wera - smells just like Vera Wang by Vera Wang: The fragrance of desire. This flirtatious fragrance begins with Bulgarian rose, calla lily and mandarin flower followed by a passionate kiss of gardenia, lotus, iris and white stephanotis. The fragrance is wrapped in final notes of sheer musks, white woods and precious floral nectar.

Dessert Man - D&G by Dolce & Gabbana: Beautiful notes of plum, vetiver bergamot, fruity floral, Madonna lily, muguet, lychee, jasmine, vanilla.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fragrance being blue in colour the candle will have a blue hue

Zesty Basil - smells just like Lime Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone London: top notes of lime, mandarin orange and bergamot; middle notes are basil, caraway, lilac and iris; base notes of patchouli and vetiver.


Chanel #5 Inspired - Bring elegance into your home with the classic floral scent similar to the luxurious Chanel No. 5 fragrance. Top Notes: Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Iris,  Middle Notes: Roses, Jasmine. Base Notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood

1 Million Type - Masculine, spiced, dark and delicious, our 1 Million Type fragrance is irresistible and similar to the perfume of the same name. Top Notes: Mandarin, peppermint. Middle Notes: Rose, Cinnamon. Base Notes: Amber, Leather.

Black Raspberry - Freshly picked sweet, juicy, sun-ripened dark raspberries and blackberries form our dreamy black raspberry fragrance. Top Notes: Raspberries, Icing Sugar. Middle Notes: Florals, Blackberry. Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla.

Champagne & Strawberries - A romantic fragrance with a hint of fresh strawberries and raspberries, combined with champagne and rose scent. Top Notes: Raspberry, Peach Nectar, Citrus Zest. Middle Notes: Strawberry, Champagne, Roses. Base Notes: Musk, Jasmine.

Lotus Flower - A delicate and sensual floral fragrance of lotus flowers with notes of sweet vanilla and patchouli. Top Notes: Geranium, Jasmine. Middle Notes: Lotus Flower, White Musk. Base Notes: Patchouli, Vanilla. 

Ocean - A relaxing blend of apple, bergamot with violet and a base note of light musk for a refreshing ocean fragrance. Top Notes: Sea Salt, Citrus. Middle Notes: Apple, Violet. Base Notes: White Musk, Jasmine, Rosewood. 

Vanilla Silk - A creamy warm vanilla fragrance with hints of musk, malt and buttermilk. Top Notes: Cream. Middle Notes: Vanilla, Malt . Base Notes: Buttermilk, White Musk. 

White Tea & Berries - A tantalising, fresh blend of raspberries, blackberries and elderberries, encircled by white tea herbal notes. Top Notes: Raspberries, Lemon Zest. Middle Notes: Tea Leaves, Jasmine, Neroli. Base Notes: Elderberries, Dried flowers, Malt.